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Free Download!!Tez McClain - The Scoundrel [EP]

Tez McClain - The Scoundrel

(February 26, 2013 - Brooklyn, NY) Fresh off two tours,
performing alongside the likes of Killer Mike, Mistah FAB, and Eligh,
Atlanta native Tez McClain has released his new free EP, The Scoundrel. The EP,
which can be downloaded now for free, includes production from Zaytoven, Natural Disaster,
and more, in addition to features from E-40, Reese, Erk Tha Jerk, HBK Skipper, and others.

While McClain's last project, Wishful Thinking 2: Respect my Grind was more mellow
and reserved, going into this release Tez explains, "I felt like I had to be more
aggressive and take what I want. " And while the name of his previous mixtapes
represented his mind state for those projects, The Scoundrel similarly represents
where his mind is currently. "I'm done with wishful thinking," he remarks,
noting that the title represents going after your goals by any means and at all costs.
"If I have to be a scoundrel to grab your attention and get what's mine, so be it."
Those sentiments come across throughout the project, as McClain explores topics
dealing with daily struggle, politics and the darker side of celebrity.

Despite some big name features and producers, including artists like E-40 and Zaytoven,
McClain never felt like he was reaching for his collaborations. "The features all
happened very organically," explains McClain. "Everybody on the project I already knew them
on a personal level, so I just called them to get on a record and it was done."
And while some of those outside collaborators may entice listeners, McClain knows
that its his own progression, both musically and as an artist communicating with
his supporters, that will really draw fans in. "At this point, I have a better
feel for what the people want to hear, of how best to connect with my fans," he says.
"I've grown in my ability to put together a complete project."

A perfect example of this is "Art vs. Hustle," one of the deepest tracks from The Scoundrel,
a track that McClain calls his favorite. It’s a deep outpouring of his inner life,
sharing frustrations and observations about his milieu and the people in it.
"I'm just telling the truth on there," says McClain, which deals with personal
struggle and frustration. "That's why I love it so much." And though McClain
finds plenty of time to get serious on the album, he finds just as much time to let loose,
with songs like the EP's title track, "Scoundrel," a slinky, synth-driven with features
from Bay Area upstart HBK Skipper and Bay legend E-40 that does well to show off
McClain's impressive diversity.
DOWNLOAD : Tez McClain - The Scoundrel [EP]
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