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Anacron - Unfamous Mindframe Ft. DJ Daze Uno (Prod. by Diles) [Video]

00 Anacron - Unfamous Mindframe1

00 Anacron - Unfamous Mindframe2

00 Anacron - Unfamous Mindframe3

Get more Anacron at http://AnacronMusic.com
Join the UNFAMOUS movement at http://UnfamousFest.com

"Unfamous Mindframe" Official Music Video
Art and Direction by Christophe Roberts http://christopheroberts.com
Filming and Cinematography by Zubaer Khan http://zubaerkhan.com
Editing and erratic hand motions by Anacron

It's been far too long since I've delivered an official visual for you AnaManiacs.
With several forthcoming music video productions halted in mid-production,
I decided to take matters into my own hands. As they say, "if you want something done right, do it yourself."

On a recent trip to to the East Coast, my team made magic happen
within a few free hours of a busy schedule. My NYC-based PNTGLLRYNTWRK crew members
and good friends and I rallied an idea to create a visual for my latest collaboration with Daze and Diles;
as it thoroughly identifies all of our artistic hustles.

Christophe Roberts (aka Perv One) is a known visual artist and sculptor,
who's work can be seen all over New York and in magazines. Zubaer Khan (aka DJZu) is
a seasoned cinematographer & editor that's flexed his skill for everyone from Revolt TV to CBS,
and has worked on a few of my previous projects. The Brazilian homie Mauricio Tadashi (aka ChiliBreakz),
the owner of the Original US merchandising and accessories company, showed up for support and good vibes.
If you're up on your Peanut Gallery crew history, then you should be familiar with all of these brothas.

The result of our combined efforts is a simple, yet masterful piece.
Filmed on location in Brooklyn, NY; the imagery is reminiscent of the basic freshness of early 90's
styling and visuals. After watching this PNTGLLRYNTWRK family production, you'll understand the lyric,
"...new Peanut Gallery / So Golden Era."

Thanks for watching... Comment, share, and ENJOY.


"Unfamous Mindframe"
Written and performed by Anacron for Manoemusicc
Produced by Diles for Visceral View
Turntablism by DJ Daze Uno
From Green Chile In The Air: Volume III
Download at pntg.net/gcinta3

You know how I do. It's been about a month, so it's about that time to hit you with something new.
Although, with all the saxophoning, singing, and instrumentation I've been doing lately;
I thought it'd be best to let the next public heater be a good old-fashioned boom-bap beats
and raps cut for my core fan-base -- the true blue underground hip hop heads.

Enter: "Unfamous Mindframe." You've seen it on events, you've heard it on records,
you've even seen the logo on merchandise. On this, my second collaboration with
ABQ-based producer Diles, I decided to take some time to explain what exactly "UNFAMOUS" means.
For those that haven't gotten it up until now, this is the song that will open your eyes, ears,
and mind to the UNFAMOUS movement, and why you should be involved.

In addition to all the goodness in it, what pure rap song is complete without
a visit from my favorite DJ, The OG Daze Uno? Press play and turn the speakers up,
this one's going to knoc your socs off.

Support The Artists, Make Sure to Cop Their Music!!!
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